Super Leather Company was founded in Chennai amidst the prosperous background of the South Indian leather industry. Helmed by G.M. Sharif, who has been well-versed with the leather industry for the past 45 years, the company initially trained its focus on the export of finished leather.

Taking over the reins in 1995 was G.M. Sharif’s son Imran who then expanded the company into an agency for leather sourcing internationally – renamed Asra International. We are associated with INSH Trading Company.This is Our Brand for our Online Sales.

With a far-reaching network and global clientele, Asra International is today a name to reckon with in the leather industry. With its reputed history as a reliable point of contact, Asra International has continually been engaged in the export of quality finished leather and leather products.

It is the thrill of being in the forefront of innovation, design and technology that propels us forward. Having been in the business for two generations, we rely on trusted tradition while keeping an eye on the pulse of the latest updates in fashion and most recent developments in industry. We consider ourselves not just a sourcing agent for finished leather for shoes, apparel, accessories and other leather goods, but also an adviser, or rather, a guide to the best of leather.

We take great pride in the fact that Asra International leather is used in a wide range of industries from fashion and footwear, automotive, equestrian, aerospace, marine, orthopaedic and more.


Asra International defines its role as being a point of sourcing and supplying as regards all things leather. A zone where the best minds of the industry meet, we are front and centre when it comes to each and every aspect of leather trading. We thrive on the promise of acquiring the best material for our cherished clients and producing the finest products for them.


We maintain exclusive links with leading tanners / factories to export leather and also personal luxury goods in leather such as Apparel, Footwear and Upholstery. Our European clients include buyers in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Germany. In the Far East, importers from Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore seek Asra International products.

Our suppliers

Our suppliers produce finished leathers of European standards, all types of hides and skins in Goat /Sheep/ Cow and Buffalo.


We import raw hides / wet blue skins from Middle East, Africa and across Europe.

Having travelled the world, we keep a look out for exotic skins and on-trend colour and hue palettes. We are ever-abreast of the sophisticated standards of leather trading.

Our reach is such that we can source skins, hides and finished leather from all over the globe. No destination is obscure and no request improbable – our ability to source is unmatched.


We would not be here if it were not for the craftspeople, the true artists of leather. We take pride in having supported and continue to support leather artisans, skilled and unskilled workers and tanners. Achieving the best for the craft is at the core of what we do.

It is our belief in old-world craftsmanship where intricate hand-crafted detailing and strict quality control are norms to be followed. Adherence to international standards of quality is emphasised in our inspections, also to guarantee compliance with industry quality norms for performance and flammability. At the same time, we ensure that we always accomplish timely delivery. Neither a material nor a product passes into a client’s hands until it is comprehensively tested as per the Asra International standards of excellence. Our flair for fashion is evident in the careful compilation of pieces to suit refined tastes.

It is the utmost respect we have for the expectations of our clients. Their satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and is the guiding force behind our work.


The team behind Asra International seeks proactive collaborations that can take forward not just our business, but that of our client’s too - going beyond business transactions to building relationships in the long-term. We look forward to getting to know our clients and understanding their needs without them having to be articulated.

We have a vast network of handpicked suppliers with whom we share relationships of loyalty and commitment over generations. We communicate and work with those who share the same values of reliability, trust and commitment as we do.

Our roots originate from a long-standing South Indian tradition of tanning and we revere our heritage.


Mr. G.M. Sharif

Mr. Imran

In an industry where the baton is passed on from generation to generation, Asra International is a family business of leather royalty, where the knowledge of leather and experience of the business flows in our blood.

Super Leather Company has smoothly transitioned into a reputed international brand name today. With G.M. Sharif’s patronage, Asra International is a dynamic player in the worldwide scenario. And this dynamism is evident in the legacy carried on from founder G.M. Sharif.

A renowned name in the leather industry, G.M. Sharif currently holds the position of Secretary of the All India Small Scale Tanners & Exporters Associations.He was also:

  • Director, Leather Export Promotion Council,
  • Member, LT Mission CSIR (New Delhi),
  • District Chairman, Lions International and
  • Senate Member, Annamalai University

A champion of the East India leather tanning industry, which engages many small tanners and is the backbone of the South Indian leather industry, Mr. Sharif has helped organise several industrial development and educational programmes. He has stood by small scale tanners and supported them through their trials, negotiating with the Government and working towards more amenable industrial policies. Not merely content with the success of his own business, his dream is to further enhance the prosperity and progress of the entire South Indian leather industry as well.

Imran has ably taken over the reins from G.M. Sharif. Being born into the family tradition, he has business in his blood, and leather is his passion. Having personally travelled all over the world for his work, he believes in connecting with enthusiastic partners across the spectrum. With his youthful zest and upbeat disposition, he adds a fresh air to his father’s foundation of work.

With a balance of keeping tradition alive and energy aloft, Asra International keenly looks forward towards further partnerships across the world.

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For centuries, India has been a vital destination for leather raw materials and finished leather products. The tradition of tanning in India is over two centuries old, with Indian craftsmen being well-trained in the traditional skills of tanning and finishing. The country ranks first among the major livestock holding countries, with 21% of the world cattle and buffalo and 11% of the world goat and sheep.

The leather industry in India is crucial to the national economy as a source of export earnings and employment generation. The South Indian state of Tamil Nadu in particular, has always been a prosperous centre for the tanning industry as well as the worldwide export of leather, with the production of more than 1.2 billion sq.ft. of finished leather every year and contributing about 6% of the world supply of finished leather. Progressive government policies, adoption of safe processes and clean technologies, along with the establishment of prestigious bodies such as Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai and Council for Leather Export, Chennai further enhance the environment’s conduciveness for the business of leather.

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